Chelsy Speaks Italian

Article dated 27th Jan 2009 …as Chelsy tastes life after Harry .

Hours after signalling her split from Prince Harry on the social networking website Facebook, Chelsy Davy was taking her newly single status in her stride. She hit the town with close friend and fellow Leeds University student Charlotte Cox - and, without a bodyguard or paparazzo in sight, she enjoyed every minute. The pair dropped into King’s Road restaurant Made In Italy, where they shared two pizzas and a bottle of rose. It was Chelsy’s first night out after St James’s Palace had confirmed her five-year relationship with Harry was over. ‘She was wearing a short black dress and seemed to be having a good time,’ a fellow diner tells me. ‘She was chatting with the waiter in quite good Italian and joking with her friend. ‘The girls hadn’t booked and had to squeeze into a table between two groups of Sloaney guys having birthday parties. ‘She was certainly getting a lot of attention as she popped in and out for cigarettes. Harry must be kicking himself. ‘She was still there when we left at 11.30pm.’

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These are some outfits that someone suggested that they will like to see Chelsy wear. I cannot remember where I got them though.

Sometimes I Feel Sorry for Prince Harry

I think that whoever Harry marries will struggle a lot. The British media especially will keep comparing her to Kate and she will always fall short. There cannot be a 2 gud princesses as far as they are concerned, one has to be bad!!. They will be subtle at first then gradually, they will dig up dirt, post bad pictures of her and make up stories. If they don’t approve of the girl she is out. THEY will determine who he marries and if they don’t approve and he still goes ahead and marry her, they will make life difficult for the woman. JMO

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I love this photo of Chelsy!!! i love her spirit!!!

I love this photo of Chelsy!!! i love her spirit!!!